1. I gueeesss we’re making a game?

    July 25

    It’s a little scary and a lot exciting to announce that Alec Holowka and I are working together again, on a game we are tentatively calling GRAVE. We are not ready to post gameplay videos or announce platforms or release dates yet, but every friday we’ll be posting some behind-the-scenes stuff right here, to chronicle our efforts. The design is still evolving a lot, so in addition to work-in-progress art and music, we’ll also be posting about actual game design problems, as well as digging into some of the cool Unity stuff Alec is doing. The two of us are building every scrap of the game ourselves, so we’ll do our best to cover the full gamut of our activities as we go!

    The last time I worked with Alec was on a game called PAPER MOON, which we built with some other talented folks to show at GAMMA 3D, the Kokoromi-curated MIGS after-party, back in 2008. 2008!! That was before CANABALT. Which brings me to me…

    Hang on, who are you guys??

    If we haven’t met, I’m Adam ‘Atomic’ Saltsman, and I am an independent game maker from Austin, TX. Here are some things I’ve worked on:

    I also had a few kids (Kingsley and Finnegan aka Finn the human) and worked as an animator on FEZ, among other things… anyways, for the sake of whatever, you can put me mostly in the “art and design” category.

    Alec Holowka is probably best known for making the IGF Grand Prize-winning AQUARIA with Derek Yu, but he also worked on:

    Alec is mostly heading up the “programming and sound” side of GRAVE, but we are both looking forward to wearing a lot of hats on this project.

    You guys sound alright. What exactly are you making?

    So far, GRAVE doesn’t really fit in any existing genre that I know of. If you’re fond of stretched metaphors, you might say that It’s sort of like Farmville meets Starcraft, or maybe Super Crate Box meets Desktop Dungeons. Anyways, we’re still exploring the possibilities, so I don’t want to say too much. For now let’s just call it “an arcade game” and we’ll get into more detail as we go!

    I hope that you will follow along with us as we explore this new game together! If you have any questions we will do our best to answer them here or on twitter (@infinite_ammo & @ADAMATOMIC), and otherwise we’ll see you next friday with the first of many posts about the process of making GRAVE!

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